Paint Brushes for Splayedpaintbrush?

So as ever there is a new kickstarter looking for funding. This one has me intrigued though, as I’m really really tempted to back it. Its the brush set by Artis Opus, a set of miniature painting brushes that have testimonials from some seriously good painters. Of course a seriously good painter could probably paint a better miniature with one of my ‘splayed paint brushes’ than I could with any high end brush*. So does that matter?

What do I normally paint with? Well I have been using Rosemary & Co Series 33 for some time, I’m on my second No. 1 brush now too. They are just starting to wear out (probably through lack of good brush care mind you), so I was thinking of replacing my main brush anyway.

I have a set of Broken Toad brushes, which are as yet untested. I really should get them ready to paint ASAP, and find out if I like them.

In the past I have used the WargamesFoundry Basic Brush set. I still have some of those knocking about, in fact one of them in particular I used to really like for blocking in base colour.

Of course, who hasn’t used** the good old GW brushes I started painting with. Although I have no idea what GW brushes are like these days, back then when I switched to a different manufacturers brush I believe there was a marked step up in my painting ability.

Which brings me back round to Kickstarters and paint brushes – I once backed a kit starter for brushes and hated what turned up. I backed the Games & Gears Kickstarter for Pro Studio brushes, I got two base sets with the idea I’d give a set to a good friend of mine as a surprise. I disliked mine so much I didn’t bother giving my friend his set. Both sets are knocking about in the attic somewhere.

So, do I really want to back another paint brush kickstarter? I am a sucker for a kickstarter, I’m expecting delivery of a wet palette from Redgrass Games‘ recent kickstarter soon. I guess this is where those testimonials from respected painters come into play – yes I’m going to back this project.

Link to Artis Opus Kickstarter page.

*this has strangely remind me that I should get my blog a logo sorted out.

**well if you’re my age.

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