Birthday Hobby Haul

I was another year older on Sunday, perhaps not another year wiser though. My family tend to ask me if i want anything in particular and usually the first thing to spring to mind is the latest shiny metal toy (increasingly plastic/resin these days too). However its getting harder and harder to suggest models when invariably they just end up sat in a box partially completed. I feel bad about that, for example last year I was bought the Khador Warjack Ruin, and its still sat partially assembled in its box. In my head its verging on disrespectful to not complete a model that was bought as a present (Note to self: finish that model).

So this year I didn’t ask for a model. No, this year I asked for…


Two paint sets to be precise. Both of them are for a particular technique I have been fancying trying for a while; Non Metallic Metal.


There they are, the two paint sets in question. My brother got me the Vallejo set, and my wife the Scale 75 set. Both sets were ordered from Element Games, and arrived in plenty of time for my birthday. My wife even praised their customer service, pretty decent compliment from a shopaholic 🙂

So what is the non metallic metal painting technique all about then? It is a method of painting metallic surfaces with ordinary flat coloured paint, simulating the reflections of that metallic surface to give it a metallic appearance.

Can I paint using a NMM technique? No, but I am going to try.

Keep an eye out on this blog for updates. My first attempts are going to be using NMM Gold on my Guild Ball Masons team.


2 responses to “Birthday Hobby Haul

  1. I have the Vallejo set and it’s pretty good, although I wish the guide was more in-depth, techniques-wise.

    I’d love to try Scale75 stuff someday or hear your thoughts on them.

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