Lets go bowling…

In my last post I had tried a new technique for weathering using a liquid mask. It didnt turn out quite as good as I had hoped, although at first I couldn’t put my finger on why. After some feedback I now feel I needed to control the placement of the mask a lot better.

The intention was to weather the front of the jack up to represent that battering that the jack would take with Khador’s enemies trying to destroy it as it marches across the battlefield. So I tried to concentrate the weathering on the closed up frontal armour however the reason I wasnt happy with the initial result was because the weathering was more patch work than i anticipated. That is to say the weathering isnt quite placed correctly to represent the jack taking damage from the front, this was pointed out to me via Twitter (thanks Alex). I did intend to adjust the weathering with a paintbrush, but in the end I just went with what was done and added to it with bright metal paint to represent newly chipped/scratched areas.

I how expect the jack will spend most of its gaming life, all closed up.



But at the oppotune moment…





Side views…


…and t’other side…



And what I expect I shall spend most of my gaming time looking at, the rear…



2 responses to “Lets go bowling…

  1. Very cool conversion with the arms! I think that came out great.

    The weathering looks tricky. I definitely like what you’ve done with the edges.

    Have you had a chance to play any more games? Hopefully they’ve had better outcomes this time around!

  2. Thanks jimb0, I have managed some more games. Although after playing so many 15pt games with Butcher1 I needed a change of caster. So through August I have played about 4 games with Old Witch at 25pts and so far this month 2 games with Sorscha1 at 35pts. All of these are in the club’s WM slow grow league. I have about a 50:50 win/loss ratio. I havent played enough games to make that ratio meaningful though lol.
    I have yet to play with the Devastator yet though.

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