Can I get a caster painted this month? – Update 1

July Painting Challenge First Update

So in a previous post I mentioned my challenge to get Butcher1 painted up during July, along with my reasons for doing so. Well I figured I had better post a WIP picture of what I got up to painting wise yesterday and comment on my clubs first night of games for the Warmachine league they are running.

So what have I painted then?

All areas (except for the axe head as i cant decide on whether it should be black or red) that are going to be red armour have been base coated in Foundry 102A Red Oxide Shade. This is a dark red-ish brown not too dissimilar to P3’s Umbral Umber.

The gold trim has been shaded, but not yet highlighted which is why it looks so dark. It was base coated VMC Old Gold previously and that was shaded with P3 Cryx Bane Base mixed with a touch of P3 brown ink, and then a second shading with a mix of P3 Umbral Umber and P3 Coal Black.

The fur coat has been base coated with P3 Battlefield Brown.

Finally the black undercoat was tided up around his feat where I had drybrushed the resin bases colours.



Club Gaming

Last night was the first night of the clubs Warmachine league. The League will run for 3 months, each month being a different stage of the league. Stage 1 having the following limitations:

  • 15 point list.
  • use a single none epic small or medium based caster/lock.
  • no character jacks or beasts.
  • battle group only.
  • the same caster must be used for the whole of stage 1.

So my list list was as follows:

  • Butcher1
    • Juggernaut
    • Juggernaut
    • Marauder

I played 5 games over teh course of the evening the scenario was the same for all games, a 12″ mosh pit in the centre of the table played with 4 minute turns, no extensions. I won’t do full battle reports as my memory is not that good but here is a brief summary of the games.

  1. Verses Master Tormenter Morghoul, a bit of piece trading of Juggernauts and beasts but the game ended after Morghoul failed a charge on Butcher. Morghoul was introduced to Lola.
  2. Verses Borka Kegslayer, the speed of the Trolls surprised me, as they were across the mosh pit before I even got there. Again there was a bit of piece trading but I ended up down two heavies. Game ended with Iron Fleshed Butcher swinging at Iron Fleshed Borka…and connecting.
  3. Verses Axis- The Harmonic Enforcer, I was totally surprised by this match up the speed and power of the Vectors was really disturbing. However a crucial attack from a vector failed to take out my heavy allowing it to introduce Axis to the Ice Axe.
  4. Verses Constance Blaize – Knight of the Prophet, I lost this through stupidity. After taking out all but the last 4 damage on a Lancer which was stood next to Butcher I decided to challenge Constance head on and charge a fully loaded Butcher into a fully loaded Constance to see what happened. I whiffed all my dice rolls doing about 4 damage in total. Constance then cut Butcher down with her last attack doing exactly the right amount of damage to do it.
  5. Verses Mohsar the Desertwalker, after a Warpwolf Stalker failed a charge on Butcher he in turn put the deranged animal down. While a Juggernaut cut a Woldwarden down to size. Game over.

So 4 wins out of 5, and one loss that was entirely my own fault because I figured it was a sure thing to win either by removing the last four damage from a Lancer or by charging into an undamaged fully camped caster. Idiot!


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