Riding The Tunguska Bandwagon

I’m fickle, I flit between models like a butterfly does flowers. The latest shiny to catch my eye has been Tunguska. I have indeed caught a ride on the Tunguska Bandwagon, for the moment.

I’ve spent a few evenings cleaning up models, gluing, pinning, and assembling. I’ve made the ritual blood sacrifice in appeasement of the hobby gods, twice!

I’m waiting for my bases to turn up from AntenocitisWorkshop (hurry up pleeeeease!). So I have mounted the assembled models on corks to enable painting without the bases. Thinking about it, I’d have probably have done this anyway.

I’ve rummaged through the model mountain of shame, and located the other Tunguska themed Nomad models. Interventors, Grenzers, Spektrs. Started/restarted the cleaned up assembly of those too.

Currently the assembled Tunguska model list looks like this:

  • 3x Securitate
  • Heckler
  • Kriza Boracs HMG
  • Hollowman
  • 2x Fast Pandas (undercoated ages ago)

The yet to be assembled pile is this lot:

  • Kriza Boracs MK12
  • 2x Interventor
  • 2x Spektr (probably convert one to make it different from the other as they are both Op:Ice models)
  • 2x Grenzer (one of these to be converted to the sensor profile)
  • Uhahu – proxy for Mary Problems??

Current paint scheme ideas are black and orange armour, with white weapons, maybe some red details, and the obligatory glowing bits – blue.

I also buckled and ordered some more Nomad/Tunguska models from GoblinGaming, the standard REM box, the Szalamandra, and the Nomad HVT (think he’ll make a good Clockmaker proxy).

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