Infinity: Mayacast’s Link Teams Episodes HSN3 Update


A couple of months ago the guys on Mayacast Podcast went through the link teams available for each Sectorial army. With the release of Human Sphere N3 there has been some changes to the link teams available as well as new links within Sectorials and a new Sectorial army too…Onyx Cotact Force. Tom and Kip of Mayacast have updated their information of each Sectorial. As i had a previous post listing the time stamps for the old shows, I thought I would post up the new time stamps.


Episode #85   0:48:50   SAA Shock Army of Acontecimento

Episode #84   0:13:32   Military_OrdersMilitary Orders

Episode #86   0:15:03   Neoterran_Capitaline_Army Neoterran Capitaline Army

Yu Jing mini logoYu Jing

Episode #85   1:09:12   Imperial Service mini logoImperial Service

Episode #87   0:29:42   Japanese Sectorial Army mini logoJapanese Sectorial Army

Ariadna mini logoAriadna

Episode #84    0:45:27   Caledonia Highlander Army mini logo Caledonian Highlander Army

Episode #84    0:31:41   USARF mini logo USAriadna Ranger Force

Haqqislam mini logoHaqqislam

Episode #84   1:15:03   Hassassin Bahram mini logoHassassin Bahram

Episode #86   0:36:05   Qapu Khalqi mini logoQapu Khalqi

Nomad mini logoNomads

Episode #85   1:03:54   Bakunin mini logo Bakunin Jurisdictional Command

Episode #87   0:27:17   Corregidor mini logo Corregidor Jurisdictional Command

Combined Army mini logoCombined Army

Episode #83   0:31:57   Morat Agression Force mini logo Morat Agression Force

Episode #83   0:57:13   Oynx Oynx Contact Force

Aleph mini logoAleph

Episode #83  1:13:00   Steel Phalanx mini logo Steel Phalanx

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