Ruin a birthday present!

My birthday was back in July, and the wife bought me Khador’s latest character jack: Ruin

Khador warjack Ruin box

The model is a really nice kit, its metal and resin, so none of that horrible plastic Privateer Press have been using. Although I hear that some future models will be a more traditional hard plastic, I am looking forward to that (fingers crossed for a Grolar/Kodiak hard plastic kit). There were very few mould lines that needed attention, and those that did need some work did not cross any detail and were easy to sort out. I should have taken a group picture of the bits….oops.

But I got distracted by this:

Ruin's Orgoth Shield Privateer Press Pin

Now that was a surprise, I definitely wasn’t expecting that to be sat in the box. So when PP first announced their pin range I was a little sceptical about it all. I know nothing about ‘pins’ and don’t really have any intention of collecting any. Hahahaaa….cough….erm….yes…perhaps that’ll be a subject for a future post.

I had actually opened up the box and cleaned the components up a couple of weeks back. Just various things have got in the way of hobby time in the last couple of months. Over this weekend I got to mess around with putting Ruin together.

I had a little play dry assembling things, but everything seemed to fit so well I thought I would just jump straight in and start gluing things together. The legs fit really well to the hip section, each leg had a socket that the corresponding hip’s peg fit snugly into. I jumped straight in and glue the legs in place.

A picture of Ruin's partially assembled legs.


The additional armour plates are now a really tight fit, and might need a bit of work to get them to fit correctly. So if I was to build this section again, I would glue one leg on first and the the armour plates, and then the other leg.

However there were no such problems with the torso. I do have some small gaps to fill where the metal shoulder trim meets the resin shoulder arm plates.


So final image for this post, a simple mock up of where this model is heading. I decided to use a different base from what most of my Khador is mounted on. I am thinking it might represent the pathfinder part of Ruin’s affinity with Orsus Zoktavir. It is teh same style of base as my Kossites, Yuri, Manhunters and my Widowmakers.

Test run of the basic pose for Ruin.


Still a way to go, but you get the idea.

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