September’s Painting Challenge: 8 days to go

So I have tried to fit in as much painting as I can over the last few days, and still have yet to finish a model!

Here is the current state of the 4 Iron Fang models.
Kovnik, had an accident and knocked off the axe. Had to fix some paint chips in the process. Still got the steals to do, and some work on the axe.


The Great Bears are in a similar state. They just really need work on the steal work, and the axes. Also need to mess with the bear skins.




I also need to learn their names lol.

The warjack has not really progressed at all, hence no pictures.

Sorry for the dodgy photos, rushed taking them with my phone.

2 responses to “September’s Painting Challenge: 8 days to go

  1. Hey looking good still! Getting down to the wire. Man, the black and gold look sharp together.

    Haha, I’ve had a hard time remembering the names too until I saw a post somewhere.

    Yarovich is bald and so he gives the 360 degree vision
    Kolsk has a helmet and so he grants the unit steady
    Volkov is the leader so naturally he has the biggest bear of the three.

    I really like those guys too. I’ve only really just got into the point level games where I can take them, but even so I’ve chopped through units of infantry and taken out warjacks with relative ease. Lots of fun!

    Good luck during this last week to get stuff done!

    • Great tip on remembering the Great Bears, used it at the weekend too. I managed to get two fully painted lists together, so although i didnt get everything painted that i wanted. i did get enough done 🙂

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