Can I get a caster painted this month? – Update 4

July Painting Challenge Forth Update

Following on with my updates of painting Orsus Zokatvir, the Butcher of Khardov, as mentioned in an earlier post. Here is the progress over the last couple of painting sessions. I say a couple of sessions but the first session was actually spent repairing some damaged/chipped paint as I knocked the model over when tidying up. I find it a really gut wrenching, depressing feeling when you are part way through painting a model and damage the paint work in some way. So much so I have been known on occasion to just give up painting that model there and then. However that is not the right attitude to have and so I spent the time repainting the chipped area to the best of my abilities. The model now looks ok, its only a really close examination of the area (coat) that shows that it was chipped right down to bare metal. Although I have noticed the paint rubbing off a little further away from the original damage, I must rest the model on my hand there when I am painting.

I mentioned in my last update that I wasn’t quite happy with some of the red armour plates. I went back and used a mix of P3 Sanguine Base and P3 Exile Blue to add a stronger shading to some of the plates. In particular the model’s right vambrace and the small shield on it’s left breast. I also took the highlighting further by using P3 Khador Red Base mixed with some P3 Menoth White Highlight. I actually ended up with a bit too much of a pink colour,  so I tried to tone that down by glazing some red paint on afterwards.

Then I painted the black armour plates. The colours used were:  (all Forumla P3)

  • Thamar Black
  • Exile Blue
  • Coal Black
  • Trollblood Highlight
  • Frostbite

The painting process was as follows:

  1. Coal Black + Exile Blue + a touch of Thamar Black
  2. Above mix with Trollblood Highlight
  3. Above with a bit more Trollblood Highlight
  4. Above mix with Frostbite
  5. Above with a bit more Frostbite
  6. Wash of Thamar Black

I did try and get as smooth a gradient as possible. I am not that good at blending, it is a skill I need to work on, and I find it easier to do on larger areas. If you have a look at Black Ivan in my gallery his black armour plate is the best 2 brush blending work I have done. Butcher1 here is possibly more “botched blending” lol.

Right I have bored you to death with words, now it will be death by pictures. Sorry 😉

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So what is left still to do?

  • Boiler and pipes, they’ve only had a base coat and a wash.
  • Gun and holster, its had a little metallic base colour work done.
  • Axe head, still undecided on colour, might do a poll on the blog (now that’s an idea).
  • Axe handle, the leather wrapping needs doing, I intended to do a dark red leather. Also the axe shaft is just a basic steal colour at the moment.
  • Inside of coat, now this is something i wanted to play with some freehand on. Whether it be some text or pattern I don’t know yet.
  • Odd details, I am sure I noticed some straps somewhere i had missed, and some rivet heads.
  • Face
  • Base

Geez that is a bigger list than expected, better get some painting done rather than messing on the web. Updates may be fewer and further between from now on, as I am back at work tomorrow after a spell off.

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